Integrated Engineering Services


Invest your time and efforts on running your business, leaving the engineering and logistics to us to drive you to success

SynchubsHVSS is an Engineering and Infrastructure Servicing company providing innovative solutions to the Energy and Telecoms sectors

A pan-African, with operations in DR Congo, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Guinea, Gambia, Mali, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Kenya, Angola, Mauritius, South Africa, Senegal, France and USA

Supporting whole grade technology and offering cost effective “Technology Integration and Maintenance Solutions”

Headquartered in Delaware USA, our mission is to; through balanced costing and  enhanced business optimization, provide support to local engineering firms, enable innovative technology integrations.

  • Communications Infrastructure Solution;
  • Energy Services, 
  • Clean Water And Environmental Solution, 
  • Security And Surveillance
  • QHS/ESG Sustainability Services.
  • Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO)
  • Project And Business Optimization (PBO)

Our Portfolio


Renewable Energy and Power System

Telecommunication Networks

Environment and Safety

Security and Surveillance


A Pan African company, providing Green Energy Solutions, Clean Water, Security and Safety and Communication Network Infrastructure Services


Synchubs telecom works with some of the largest fixed, mobile and satellite companies all over the world to address current challenges enabling them to align their capabilities with today’s consumers and enterprise businesses. 

Providing central ecosystems management, providing network, software and device capabilities, we have helped to support with strategies to build today’s rapidly changing telecoms domain.

Core Areas

  1. Radio Access Networks
  2. Mobile Core Networks
  3. Microwave Networks
  4. Fiber Optics Network
  5. Satellite Networks

Energy and Power

Synchubs Energy generates, store, and manage clean, affordable solar energy on your terms. With Synchubs Ecoflow , your Brilliant Home, Office, Infrastructure comes full circle.

We are more than just an energy solution company —we provide holistic services that puts power in your hands. We only partner with top-notch innovators in lithium-ion battery technology, so you’re backed by the highest quality products available.

Security, Surveillance and Safety

Synchubs has put together a range of solutions that will ensure the security of businesses, people and homes. Every day, our solutions prove their effectiveness in the face of theft, break-ins and identity theft.

A key player in business of security and Safety, we specializes in the design, distribution and maintenance of systems that revolve around electronic security


Our Promise

Quality Service Delivery

Synchubs group of companies pride her-self in her culture  of Timely, on budgets and Quality delivery of customers services

360 Availability

Supporting your project to a success; before, during and after commissioning.


Qualified, Experienced and motivated work force to associate with customers project